Our Founders


Kim Watson is the Co-founder of Community Kinship Life, known as CKLife
that assists affirmed men &; women with necessary life skills, medical
needs, counseling, and access to the resources needed to improve their
quality of life & contribution to society. CKLife provides a safe, secure
space for affirmed people (& allies when applicable) to meet and learn
about life inside & outside of transition. CKLife also sponsors a benefit
to raise funds for the CKLife scholarship fund that has helped many
affirmed people with paying for necessary transition related procedures.
CKLife also participates in many conferences centered around affirmed
people such as WPATH, PTHC in Philadelphia, & many more. People across the United States & the world have benefited greatly from the selfless acts of
Kim Watson & the CKLife organization. CKLife has set a precedent for
non-profit organizations that assist affirmed people and continues to do
amazing things in the community at large.


Learn more about Ms. Kim Watson via her book, The Modern Day Woman which is available in paperback and on kindle.



  • Christine Jorgenson Award (Bronx LGBTQ Center 2014
  • Citation of Merit from Ruben Diaz jr. (Bronx Borough President 2014
  • Certificate of Merit from Senator Jose Serrano 2014
  • Proclamation from Ruben Diaz jr.(Bronx Borough President)June 2013;2012; 201
  • Contribution to the Translatina community (CRIS)Award 2013
  • Black Trans Advocacy Community Award 2012
  • Black Trans Ally Award 2014
  • Outstanding Transgender Award from Unity Fellowship Church-NYC 2013
  • DBGM(DEPRESSED BLACK GAY MEN) Resilience Award 2014
  • 2015 LGBT CAUCUS AWARD (Councilman Richie Torres' office)
cris b&w

Mister Cris is the Executive Director and co-founder of Community Kinship
Life (CK Life). He is committed to helping individuals of trans experience
achieve their goals before, during and after transition through providing
the community as well as providers with the tools for success. He is a
member of WPATH as well as other committees and organizations dedicated to trans issues. He created the CK Life surgery scholarship to help
individuals of trans experience achieve their goals of feeling whole
through surgical intervention. He has received several awards including a
Proclamation from the Bronx Borough President for his amazing work in the
community. Mister Cris uses his background in mental health and insurance
advocacy to help the community access the services they need in their
pursuit of wholeness and happiness.