Our Mission

The mission of CK Life is to provide the Trans community with the tools needed to achieve their personal goals while having a sense of COMMUNITY and KINSHIP. This includes providing useful information that will help people who are looking to lead the most productive life during and after transition with regards to health, employment and day to day social interactions.

We believe that the best way to achieve a fulfilling life is through strong connections. With a commitment to Community & Kinship, Trans people are capable of any and all things. CK Life seeks to provide a network of opportunities and ongoing life affirming experiences that creates  space for Trans people to come into their best possible self.


Primary Medical Care
HIV and STD/STI Screening and Testing
Support Groups
Hormone Replacement Therapy

Benefits of Membership

Unlimited assistance with insurance review and appeal assistance

 •Membership only assistance programs

 • Discounts on CK Life Event Ticket Pricing

Surgery Buddy Assistance



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Surgery Buddy Assistance

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Our Values

Commitment to your health