NEW Conference Schedule

Thursday, May 24th, 2018

7:00 pm- 10:00 pm– Opening Reception  and open Mic with Refreshments being served sponsored by AMIDACARE

Friday. May 25th, 2018- Workshops

08:00 am- 9:00 am- HIV prevention and Care for Trans and Gender Non conforming individuals by Dr. AC Demidont (Davenport A)

This workshop will be about HIV prevention and care as it relates to the Trans/GNC community. We will discuss different aspects of care including treatments and potential barriers.


08:00 am- 9:00 am- Free Breakfast Sponsored by Gilead (Atrium)


08:00 am- 9:00 am- Care Zone (Glenbrook)

08:00 am- 9:00 am- SOFFA Space open (Shippan)


09:00am- 10:15am- Health Care Insurance Benefits, Supports, and Services by Kevin Steffens (Davenport A)

This panel provides insight on how to work with your insurance company to get the health services you need. The full continuum of services and supports available to individuals of transgender experience will be discussed, including health care services that support gender affirmation. The discussion will cover such topics as: how to advocate for your health needs with your insurance company, health benefits and care available through New York Medicaid; counseling, assistance, referrals, and other supportive services offered by community-based organizations; the importance of the provider-patient relationship; how to find providers with expertise and who are culturally competent in transgender health; and access to culturally competent health services and surgical care.


09:00am- 10:15am- You were built for this by DeeDee Watters (Davenport B)

During this workshop we will talk about FAITH not just from a religious view but also a spiritual one which can make it more personal. This workshop will assist you with finding your FAITH and what does faith really mean to you during your transition, we hope you join us as we continue in the journey many call life but we call our transition.


09:00am- 10:15am Preliminary Outcomes: How Do Female-To-Male-Transgender Individuals Perceive Their Self-Esteem And Social Acceptance After Sexual Reassignment Into Their Chosen Sex And Gender? By Dr. Oswald Thomas (Bedford)

This workshop will go over preliminary research findings on the subject of “How Do Female-To-Male-Transgender Individuals Perceive Their Self-Esteem And Social Acceptance After Sexual Reassignment Into Their Chosen Sex And Gender?” Open to all


09:00am- 10:15am- Masculinity by Ryan Avery (LongRidge)

This workshop will be a space to discuss different types of masculinity and what it looks like for different people.

Restricted: For those who live as/present as male full time but have been assigned female at birth


09:00am- 10:15am- Sexual Pleasure 101 by Jacquetta Bowman (Highbridge)

This workshop will be a space to discuss different types of sexual pleasure and what that looks like for different people. Open to all over 18


09:00am- 10:15am- Care Zone (Glenbrook)


09:00am- 10:15am- SOFFA Space open (Shippan)


10:30am- 12:15pm- Transmasculine Genital Surgery in the 21st Century by Gaines Blasdel (Davenport A)

Decades of inequality in access and a lack of published research coming from providers in the United States has led to community myths and misconceptions about transmasculine genital surgery. This lecture presentation will arm attendees with current, concrete information and resources on surgery. We will discuss metoidioplasty and phalloplasty techniques, associated procedures like urethral lengthening, data on risks and complications, and pre- and post- op care recommendations. This workshop is open to all individuals ready to engage in a workshop on an emotionally loaded topic without policing the bodies or identities of others, where a variety of choices and motivations for genital surgery will be recognized and affirmed, and where pictures of the results of genital surgery will be displayed. Insurance coverage is outside of the scope of this workshop, but attendees will leave with additional referrals for resources related to planning surgery. Primarily for trans masculine people interested in bottom surgery, but not restricted to those identities.


10:30am- 12:15pm – This TRANSformation Isn’t Just For Me, But Includes My Family! by Kylar Maldonado (Davenport B)

Transgender people have added challenges, once they realize that they want to live their authentic life. Coming out and pursuing their journey could include (but are not limited to) medically transitioning, name change, and attire change-up. But, has anyone ever actually sat down and asked their mom what is going through her head? Has anyone actually been in a Doctor’s office excited for the visit, but notice their parent is trembling with anxiety? Kylar Maldonado, his mother Kimberly, and his partner Emerson Mason Cheney, will discuss the side of living as their authentic selves, but the side of it that no one talks about; the family does exist in this transformation, too!


10:30am- 12:15pm- I LIKE WHAT I LIKE & HOW OR WHEN I WANT IT! by Jay-René Kouassiaman and Anupama (Anu) Kalyanam (Bedford)

LGBQ and Trans/gender non-conforming (GNC) loved ones are some of the most underserved populations within our communities across the country. Trans and GNC individuals also face significant barriers when beginning new sexual relationships or any style of negotiation during sexual encounters including ensuring a clear understanding about consensual and respectful sharing of bodies. So, when adding the stress of navigating ones intimate sexual desires, kink or fetish into the mix, things may begin to feel a bit unmanageable. The workshop will help to open our minds and explore our inner selves with a focus on three inter-linked factors: 1) an approach that emphasizes trust, self empowerment and confidently acting on our intimate desires; 2) panel discussion from poly, swingers, kinkster and BDSM individuals to share their experience with navigating situations that may seem awkward or not mainstream; 3) information, useful links or social meet ups for shared interest. This interactive workshop will use the experience and lessons learned from real life experiences of POC Trans/GNC and sexual fluid communities. Workshop participants will be able to: Understand the key challenges navigating intersectionality and sexuality with our lovers and within our social communities. Identify strategies to expand our knowledge, involvement and engagement in non vanilla and/or heteronormative relationships or hook-ups. Appreciate our uniqueness and embrace our lustful thoughts and physical desires without shame or judgment.

Restricted: Must be over 21 to attend


10:30am- 12:15pm- Let’s Talk about it By Aneesha, Alisha and Dayna (Long Ridge)

It’s going to be a three-person panel we’re going to be speaking using I statements about personal, mental, physical, and overall Wellness pertaining to self. Open to all


10:30am- 12:15pm- What’s so different about you and me! by Christina Taylor (Shippan)

Having an open discussion about the Cis folk and Trans folks. The things we all face on a daily basis. How different is it and what we can do to make things easier for the community. Open to all



10:30am- 12:15pm- #4ubu by Shaena Castro (HighBridge)

The group #4ubu (For Us By Us) was created with the mission of building self esteem, creating community solidarity & empowering folks of trans experience. The curriculum for the group was designed to get folks of trans experience to think outside the box & tackle life’s many obstacles with an optimistic approach. After the last evaluation in efforts to reach a broader audience of the trans community, including trans men. We decided to adjust our mission to include social awareness as well. On a monthly basis. Different global social awarenesses where highlighted. Weekly topics were based on the chosen awareness of focus for that month. The weekly topics were fashioned in a way to grab the attention of the trans community specifically. In doing so we were able raise thought provoking questions and get our participants to understand the importance of said awareness and the impact it may have on their day-to-day lives individually or as a community.

Restricted: For Trans/GNC folk Only


10:30am- 12:15pm- Care Zone (Glenbrook)


12:30 pm– 02:00 pmPLENARY LUNCH with Speakers:

Dr. Lourdes Ashley Hunter (TWOCC), Goddess Vanessa Victoria (TWOCC)  and Reverend Louis Mitchell (TransFaith) Sponsored by AHF (Stamford Ballroom)


02:00pm- 03:30pm- Heal me from inside out by Samantha Jo Dato (Long Ridge)

This workshop will be about different tools and techniques used for healing.

Restricted: For Trans/GNC folk Only


02:00pm- 03:30pm- “We just Big-boned”- Addicted to slave food by Oriade Harbor (Davenport A)

Exploring the psychological aspect of the history of (plantation) food, nutrition and the current impact of our food choices on our communities and health. Holistic self-care must also include what were fueling our bodies and brains with. Let’s talk about “soul food!” and food as a tool of resistance to oppression and the small changes we can begin today to restore ourselves, our families and our communities.


02:00pm- 03:30pm- Trans Hysterectomy Discussion by Gaines Blasdel (Davenport B)

This workshop is a presentation and guided discussion on internal lower surgeries for trans masculine people, most commonly hysterectomy and oophorectomy. We will discuss why one might want these surgeries in the first place, what the differences between different surgical techniques and methods are, what to expect pre and post op, and how to advocate for yourself through this process with your healthcare providers. We will be speaking from our own experiences accessing these surgeries as patients and our experience navigating others as healthcare professionals. Attendees are encouraged to bring their knowledge to the workshop to build a collaborative guide together.

Restricted: All TGNC people are welcome for whom these surgeries would be appropriate for their body, regardless of specific identity and previous or planned surgical choices.


02:00pm- 03:30pm- Life after Surgery for you and him by Christina Taylor (Shippan)

This is to prepare our significant others for pre and post surgeries. What to expect and how to have the support that is needed. Also to speak about any concerns and how to build a relationship with the surgeons.

Restricted: To Significant others and care takers of Trans men/Trans masculine/ Female assigned at birth GNC individuals


02:00 pm- 03:30 pm- Housing our Youth by Joanna Rivera (Highbridge)

This workshop will discuss the Ali Forney program and housing resources within Ali Forney available for Trans and GNC youth.

02:00 pm- 03:30 pm- “EYES OPEN, FIST UP”: Empowerment Self-Defense by

Rej and Alexander Rey Perez (Bedford)

With the continual rise in the number of transphobic violence, particularly against trans women of color, keeping ourselves safe cannot be taken for granted. Self defense is everything we do to protect & take care of ourselves. This workshop will offer participants: * de-escalation techniques and how to effectively use our voices as a self-defense tool. * fundamental physical self-defense skills (blocks, strikes, defense against various grabs/holds, and MORE!) * ways to think about self-defense beyond just the physical techniques and re-conceptualize self-defense holistically (mentally, emotionally and physically). The goal of this session is to help you develop more confidence to decide what is best for you, and make choices based on your needs and safety. This will be an interactive session, where people can participate at their comfort.


02:00 pm- 03:30 pm- Recovery, Resilience and Thriving Following Genital Reconstruction: discussion among men who’ve had lower surgery by Matt Flo (Atlantic)

This workshop offers peer support and networking for those who are between masculinising lower surgeries or have completed them. It’s our chance to discuss trials and victories both between surgical procedures and following their completion. Participants will discuss post-op depression, post-op care burn out, recovery, grieving everything sacrificed and lost to achieve these procedures, as well as psychosocial tools for resilience and thriving following lower surgeries. The group will be divided into smaller groups to maximise opportunities to contribute. This isn’t a surgical information gathering workshop. Do not attend if you haven’t had a genital reconstruction surgery.

Restricted: For those who’ve begun or completed masculinising genital reconstruction surgery.


02:00 pm- 03:30 pm- Care zone open (Glenbrook)


03:45pm- 05:15pm- What we’re feeling when we are feeling our gender by S.J. Langer (Davenport A)

This workshop will begin with an explanation of how we know what we feel and how we connect to our internal sensations to know our gender. I will explain my theory of gender based on the free energy principle which is a unifying theory of neuronal processing. By using this theory, I will describe this new model of how and why we feel gender equilibrium and the tool of my gender algorithm. We will practice how this tool can be used to explore various elements of the gendered body and behavior to find your personal gender balance.


03:45pm- 05:15pm- Native Two spirit – Then and Now by Janis Stacy (Davenport B)

This is a General Overview of what being Native American Two Spirit means. The Indigenous peoples of this land referred to as North America have many cultural traditions that have often been misrepresented or suppressed through the colonization process. Many of these are significantly different perspectives about sex, gender and sexuality than those imported from Western Europe. One tradition that was nearly lost is what is generically referred to as Two-Spirit (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender Native peoples). This workshop will examine the past, present and future of the Two-Spirit peoples with a focus on issues around gender diversity, sexuality and spirituality both historically and contemporarily and their implication to the larger LGBT movement.


03:45pm- 05:15pm- UNTUCKED: GCS Show and Tell by Kim Watson (Bedford)

This is going to be an open discussion for Trans women and male assigned at birth individuals on the trans feminine/ GNC spectrum with models to show personal surgical outcomes and tell our experiences.

Restricted: For Trans women and male assigned at birth individuals on the trans feminine/ GNC spectrum


03:45pm- 05:15pm– Care zone (Glenbrook)

03:45pm- 05:15pm- SOFFA Space open (Shippan)


7 pm- AWARDS DINNER With Performances by Lady Shay, Peaches, Jada Bell, Armani Damone, Jahlisa A Ross, Brenda Continental Milan, Lady Jasmin and Egyptt LaBeija sponsored by Brightpoint and GMHC.

Saturday, May 26th, 2018- Workshops

8:45 am- 9:45 am- Get me Bodied: POC Show and Tell BY Mister Cris (Stamford 1)

This structured discussion for Trans/GNC/Affirmed POC who have had or are interested in Gender Affirming surgeries.

Restricted: For Trans/GNC/NB/Affirmed POC only. Significant others welcome to attend ONLY with their Trans/GNC Partner if they are a POC.


8:45 am- 9:45 am- HIV/AIDS 101 by Alan R. Ward (Davenport A)

This workshop aims to educate about HIV/AIDS, modes of transmission, testing and more.

8:45 am- 9:45 am- SOFFA Space open (LongRidge)

8:45 am- 9:45 am- Contemplation space open (Stamford 2)

8:45 am- 9:45 am- Family zone open (Shippan)

8:45 am- 9:45 am- Care zone open (Glenbrook)

8:45 am- 9:45 am- Spirituality space open (Bedford)

10:00 am- 12:00 pm- Gender Affirming surgery presentation by Dr. Richard Santucci (Davenport A & B)

Informational and descriptive lecture on surgical aspects of transition for trans men and trans women.

Open to all


10:00 am- 12:00 pm- Turn Your Biznis into a Business Akia & Tamara Manmade (Highridge)

This workshop is designed to aid those individuals looking to manifest their talents into money-making businesses.

10:00 am- 12:00 pm- Stealth Life by Ryan Avery (Atlantic)

This workshop is aimed at discussing what it means to be stealth/ low disclosing and some of the different things that come with that.

Restricted: Trans/GNC/Affirmed individuals living fulltime as their Gender Identity


10:00 am- 12:00 pm- Black Magic/Shamanism: Re-claiming our spiritual legacies by Oriade Harbor (Stamford 1)

African (diaspora) spirituality as resistance and affirmation-Trans/GNC folks in antiquity/history. Come learn your personal African element/clan and a glimpse into the medicine that you carry in your bones.

Open to all but speaking space to be reserved for those of African decent/African Diaspora/POC


10:00 am- 12:00 pm- SOFFA Space open (LongRidge)

10:00 am- 12:00 pm – Contemplation space open (Stamford 2)

10:00 am- 12:00 pm- Family zone open (Shippan)


10:00 am- 12:00 pm– Care zone open (Glenbrook)

10:00 am- 12:00 pm – Spirituality space open (Bedford)


12:00pm- 1:00pm-                    LUNCH 

1:00 pm- 2:30 pm- Gender Affirmation Surgery for Transmen and Transwomen by Dr. Christopher J. Salgado (Davenport)

Informational and descriptive lecture on surgical aspects of transition for trans men and trans women.

Open to all

1:00 pm- 2:30 pm- Seasoned Speed Meeting by Matt Flo (Stamford1)

This structured discussion in a speed dating-like format (minus flirting expectation) that will offer a chance for trans and non-binary people whose transition are “seasoned” to meet up and network. It’s our chance to connect with other people not focused on questioning or exploring their options and focus on discussing longer term trials, victories, and other things seldom addressed in more general forums. Participants will engage in 5 minute one on one discussions and brief larger group conversation to maximise opportunities to network and hopefully build a fuller future. This isn’t an information gathering workshop. Do not attend if you began your transition less than 10 years ago. Transition means whatever elements it may include for you, hormonally, surgically, socially and/or legally.

Restricted: For those10 or more years into medical transition only

1:00 pm- 2:30 pm- Dating and Disclosure by Kim Watson and Nia Henderson (HighRidge)

This workshop aims to focus on dating and the topic of how to disclose your transition history when looking for some right or right now.

Open to all but conversation space reserved for people of Trans experience/Affirmed individuals

1:00 pm- 2:30 pm- Contemplation space open (Stamford 2)

1:00 pm- 2:30 pm- Quiet Zone open (Atlantic)

1:00 pm- 2:30 pm- Family zone open (Shippan)


1:00 pm- 2:30 pm- SOFFA Space open (LongRidge)

1:00 pm- 2:30 pm- Care Zone open (Glenbrook)

1:00 pm- 2:30 pm- Mediation/spirituality space open (Bedford)

2:45 pm- 3:45 pm- Below the Belt: Surgery Show and Tell by Mister Cris (Stamford 1)

This workshop will be a safe space for people of Trans masculine experience/Trans men/Affirmed men/ Female assignmed at birth GNC/NB individuals who have had or seriously are interested in genital surgery.



2:45 pm- 3:45 pm- The Love Seat by Shaena Castro (Highridge)

Founded by Ms. Shaena Castro a trans woman of color from NYC. “The love seat” creates space for much needed conversations, to promote the erasure of stigma & dysphoria associated with trans bodies that may lead to risky behaviors and/or substance abuse. In this work shop we will be opening up with “what is sex positivity to me?” To get an understanding of what first comes to mind. This will open up the floor to briefly touch on program topics such as; let’s take it “higher”(sex & drugs), anything you can do, I can get paid for (sex work & social stigmas), I’m colorblind (PANSEXUALITY), hand-some, 2 some, or 3 some (polyamory & me/us), oh! you think you know? You have no idea!!! (Relationships & boundaries) etc. Our mission for this group is to create conversations that would begin to normalize trans bodies and remove society stigmas that are associated with them. Bringing these topics and conversations to the forefront We hope to, • decrease harmful practices such as the pairing of chemical & alcohol use with sexual encounters • Reduce Black Market surgeries as a result of body dysphoria and body shaming • decrease risky anonymous hookups We hope to increase safety measures such as, • Pep and prep awareness and use • Condom use & proper use • raise Self-esteem • raise Self worth • info on local needle exchange programs.

Intended for People of Trans experience



2:45 pm- 3:45 pm- Do it Yourself Marketing by Krystal Labeija (Davenport A)

Using a projector, we’ll present a lecture/videos content/and group discussions/(Q&A) that will conclude with activities that can be applied to personal initiatives

2:45 pm- 3:45 pm- More Than Sisterhood by Samantha Jo Dato and Lala B Zannell (Davenport B)

This workshop is intended to be a space to discuss sisterhood among Trans women and what that looks like in general from a community as well as advocacy standpoint.

Restricted: For Trans women/ women of Trans experience/ Affirmed women


2:45 pm- 5:00 pm- Your Transition as your partner Transitions by DM Maynard (LongRidge) 2 Hours with 15 min break

Being in any type of relationship with a person who is transitioning can be exhilarating, confusing and scary all at the same time. Though many workshops focus on those in transition, rarely is there a forum for PARTNERS that completely honors their thoughts and feelings by encouraging them to share their experiences, concerns and questions. This facilitated workshop will provide an opportunity to address the often-overlooked needs, realities and fears of PARTNERS in a safe and structured environment.

Restricted: For Cis PARTNERS to have their voices respected and be heard.

4:00 pm- 5:00 pm- Masculinising Genital Reconstruction Show and Tell Debrief by Matt Flo (Stamford 1)

This workshop is for post-lower-surgery trans men to debrief the genital show and tell workshop. Whether you showed or not, if you were present, answered questions and welcome an opportunity to discuss the experience with other guys who were there, this is for you. This isn’t a surgical information gathering workshop. Do not attend if you haven’t had a genital reconstruction surgery.

Restricted: For those who’ve begun or completed masculinising genital reconstruction surgery.


4:00 pm- 5:30 pm- Roses of Diaspora FilmViewing by Oriade Harbor (Davenport A)

Roses of the Diaspora delves into intersectionality within a very important movement, the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and asks the question: Are ALL Black Lives valued equally under the umbrella of this movement? It looks at the validity of Black Trans Lives-specifically, Black Trans women, exploring community, religion, and activism. The film highlights the voices of three Black Trans women and also features members of CK Life.


4:00 pm- 5:00 pm- Keys to successful Goal Setting by Sean Jones (Davenport B)

Why goal setting is critical to success and set to goal setting and achievement. It will be a guided discussion (interactive)


4:00 pm- 5:00 pm- Mental Health and me by Sasha shay Washington (Highridge)

This workshop is about the experiences of a woman of trans experience and how she has handled dealing with her mental health and transitioning. This space will be a space to discuss different healthy coping mechanisms people have used to cope with mental health issues.


4:00 pm- 5:00 pm- Quiet Zone open (Atlantic)

4:00 pm- 5:00 pm- Contemplation space open (Stamford 2)

4:00 pm- 5:00 pm- Family Zone open(Shippan)

4:00 pm- 5:00 pm- Mediation/spirituality space open (Bedford)


7:00pm-                                  Closing Reception