Our History

CK Life Logo_ Remake

August 2007- Founded in Bronx, NY

March 2009– Launched clinic program Bronx Trans Health space (BTHS) in collaboration with Bronx Lebanon Hospital at Ogden Location to create Bronx Trans Health Space.


October 2009– Started Men’s Forum program-  A program to allow men of Trans Experience safe space to discuss topics of importance to their personal journey’s

  • June 2010– Started the Surgery Buddy program- A program to provide individuals of trans experience a companion to assist them while recovering from surgeries so they are not alone


January 2012– Started the Surgery Scholarship Fund- A program to assist people of trans experience with accessing Transition related surgeries

April 2016– Opened Bronx Trans Collective  (BTC)  to create the first Transgender Center in NYC in collaboration with Destination Tomorrow, Islan Nettles Community Project, Princess Janae Place (PJP), The Center and TransLatina Network.

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