Surgery Scholarship

CK Life Surgery Scholarship


Applications are no longer being accepted as the cycle is closed ***NO EXCEPTIONS***

Criteria for Selection Include:

  • The Cycle 8 Application from link can be accessed by clicking the following LINK.
  • Applicant must complete the required form mention above/ HERE and return it with necessary documents (described below). Upon receipt of completed application form an application number will be assigned.
  • Secure a letter of support from a personal reference regarding your volunteer work or CONSISTENT community involvement. (Must not exceed 500 words) *****This is one of the new requirements we have added last year.******
  • Secure a letter of support from a licensed medical (MD, PA, NP etc. ) or mental health professional such as a psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, or therapist. (This document may be emailed/ sent via snail mail. If mailed it must be post marked by May 1st, 2018.)
  • Select a surgeons who are knowledgeable in transition-related surgeries and an alternate surgeon as a plan B. Applicant may change surgeon choice up until final notification is given about surgery scholarship award approval/Denial. TWO DIFFERENT surgeon names and contact information must be listed in order to consider the application complete. The two separate surgeons are allowed to be from the same surgical practice but must be able to do surgery independently of one another. If you have questions regarding this criteria please email.
    Note: If you are selected for funding, the payment will be made directly to the doctor or hospital facility. You must comply with any and all requirements according to the Standards of Care of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s (WPATH), formerly known as the (Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, HBIGDA), as determined by your selected surgeon.
  • Applicant must demonstrate a genuine need for financial assistance. (Include in Financial statement whether you have insurance or NOT. If you do have insurance and won’t be using it for surgery please explain why.)
  • Applicant must detail the efforts they have made to raise funds and the amount of cost that they will be able to cover on their own, if any. (Include in personal statement)
  • Applicant must demonstrate how the surgery they are pursuing will benefit them and improve their quality of life. (Include details in personal statement must not exceed 1000 words)
    Identify who will care for and provide support post-surgery.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us at or call (347) 881-7005.

All Applicants will be given an application number on receipt of their application form completion. The form may be found HERE. You can request your application number by emailing . This number must be included on each page of application materials that are submitted separately (Such as financial statement and letters) to help keep track of application.
***Any Statements in the application found to be knowingly incorrect/untrue will eliminate the applicant from current scholarship cycle and any future scholarship cycles.***
Selection of scholarship recipients will be done by CK Life Affiliates with name being omitted from the application to keep the selection unbiased.
Applicants must meet  WPATH standards to be granted a scholarship.
All applicants will be notified of a final decision on their application.
All Scholarship applicants will be notified by June 1st, 2018.
If applicant is selected for funding all money will be paid directly to the Surgeon and/or surgical facility/Hospital. No money is directly given to applicants ever. If applicant CANCELS surgery all money paid by scholarship fund will be reimbursed to the surgery scholarship fund account.
Any awarded funds MUST be used within 6 months (for  breasts/Chest Surgery ) or 1 year (for Genital surgeries) of time they are awarded. If there are extenuating circumstances (such as surgeon has a long waiting list) then that time frame may be extended based on the circumstances. If the funds are not used in an appropriate amount of time then the funds will go back into the pool of money towards the next scholarship Cycle.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this application process please email: